A 53-year-old Muskoday First Nation, Sask., man was sentenced to 30 months in prison on Friday after he pleaded guilty to drug impaired driving causing death.

Gordon Morris Crain will have 29 months, 19 days left to serve in his sentence once remand time has been accounted for.

He will also be prohibited from driving for five years and prohibited from owning or possessing firearms for 10 years. He must provide a DNA sample and pay a $200 victim surcharge.

​Eleven-year-old Jared Bear was riding his bicycle near the Muskoday First Nation with a group of kids when he was struck by a vehicle in July 2014.

Bear was transported to Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert, Sask. but later died from his injuries. 

Bear's mother, Raelene Adam, told CBC in 2014 her son pushed another kid out of harm's way before he was struck.

Muskoday is is about 20 kilometres southeast of Prince Albert.