Soon to be seen on the streets of small-town Saskatchewan?

A drive is underway to allow golf carts on the streets of Saskatchewan's small towns.

On Tuesday, delegates at the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association convention passed a resolution in favour of allowing the use of golf carts within town limits.

Kamsack Mayor Rod Gardner thinks it will help the town's elderly population.

"I think it will be an enhancement to our community to entice the older people to move back to Kamsack and live there," he said.

Kamsack's resolution calls on SUMA to lobby the province to change legislation so that municipalities can set their own regulations on golf carts.

It notes that towns and villages can already regulate the use of snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, electric wheelchairs and motorized scooters, subject to Highway Traffic Board approval.

"In the cities, I know Regina and Saskatoon have a lot of bicycle lanes and they've accommodated  people on bicycles to be able to allow that to happen," Gardner said. 

"What we want to do is to allow golf carts to be able to happen in our small town."