Tatiana Maslany

Regina actress Tatiana Maslany was all smiles on the red carpet going into the Golden Globe awards. Fans commiserated on social media after she failed to win for her starring role in the TV show Orphan Black. (Jarett Wieselman via Twitter)

There was no Golden Globe for Regina actress Tatiana Maslany Sunday night, but her legions of fans in Saskatchewan and around the world declared her a winner anyway.

Maslany was nominated for her starring role in the TV show Orphan Black.

As it turned out, it was Robin Wright who ended up with the best actress award, for her work in House of Cards.

Maslany's mother Renate Maslany said Tatiana was "really excited" to be able to walk the red carpet and the nomination was reward enough. She described her daughter as down-to-earth.

"When she comes home, you know,  it's the same as it always is," she said. "It's day-to-day routine and family and relatives."

On Twitter, many fans expressed the opinion that Maslany had been robbed.

"I'm not so much angered as confused," a Twitter user with the handle @lonely_tourist said. "How could you possibly vote against Tatiana Maslany in an acting category."

Here's a selection of what people were saying (and seeing) Sunday night ...