A Regina teenager has helped set up a new class at the Globe Theatre that he hopes will assist others with autism spectrum disorder.

Maxwell Adamson's love of theatre began after his parents looked for an activity to engage him and help him deal with some hyperactivity.

'It's the idea that you have to work with others to succeed.' - Maxwell Adamson

"We tried sports classes, art classes — nothing quite seemed like a fit until I went to Globe Theatre," the 17-year-old told CBC Radio's Afternoon Edition.

Adamson fell in love with acting and by the age of 12, he knew it was something he was passionate about.

One of the ways he engages with theatre is with improv, which he calls an accepting environment.

"The concept of saying 'yes, and' whenever you're in a scene, building upon what people have given you and never being negative — I really just found was appealing," Adamson explained.

"It's the idea that you have to work with others to succeed."

New classes

Adamson and his mother pitched the idea for a full improv class for people with autism to the Globe Theatre school.

A class has since taken place, in partnership with the Autism Resource Centre, for adults with autism. Adamson said a class will now be offered to teens.

While Adamson hasn't taken the class himself, he has been a mentor in it and said he could tell the participants really enjoyed the opportunity.

Adamson is part of the Hitchhikers Improv Company. He said he hopes to continue in a teaching role at the Globe Theatre.

With files from CBC Radio's Afternoon Edition