The communities involved are east of Regina, part of the Prairie Valley School Division. ((CBC))

Parents in Glenavon east of Regina have won a two-year battle to get the rural school district to bus their children to the school of their choice.

Busing became an issue in the fall of 2007 after the school in the tiny community of about 183 about 100 kilometres east of Regina was closed.

The Prairie Valley School Division said Glenavon students would be bused to a school in Montmartre instead. Parents objected, saying they preferred to have their children attend a school in Wolseley, a bit farther away.

Montmartre is about 23 kilometres west of Glenavon, and Wolseley is about 55 kilometres northwest.

The school board said the parents could enrol students in Wolseley, but the division would not provide transportation.

Both sides dug in their heels, and defiant Glenavon parents arranged their own transportation to Wolseley.

On Tuesday, school trustees reconsidered the issue and decided that as of January, the district would provide a school bus that would take students to the school of their choice.

"You know, our kids are settled in the school that they want to be in," Glenavon parent Dave Iluk told CBC News. "Now, we have a bus that will take them there."

The change means parents will no longer have to pay several thousand dollars to maintain a bus service.

The school board's change of heart coincided with the election of new trustees on Oct. 28.

"We've been in this fight for ... about two and a half years," said Glen Loffler, another Glenavon parent. "You know, fighting on the belief that parents have a fundamental right [to a say] in decisions that affect their children and their community and themselves and their lifestyles.

"And I think it's obvious today that this new board of education, the Prairie Valley School Division, supports that as well."