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A panel of glass fell out of the Hill Tower 3 building on Monday morning. No one was injured but the normally busy section of 12th Avenue in downtown Regina had to be blocked off for hours. (CBC)

A normally busy section of downtown Regina was a no-go zone Monday morning after part of a panel of glass fell off a tall building and crashed to the ground.

Police said around 10:38 a.m. CST, roughly half of a four-foot-by-eight-foot panel fell from an upper floor of Hill 3 Tower at the corner of 12th Avenue and Hamilton Street. 

It's not believed anyone was injured.

A piece of the broken panel remained attached to the building. Crews were working to fix it.

Police immediately blocked off 12th Avenue from Hamilton to Scarth.

The street remain blocked off for several hours. In the afternoon, it was reopened to pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

It's the second time a window has fallen out of the building. A panel fell out last August. No one was injured.