Girl, 13, stabbed in Warman

A 13-year-old girl is recovering in hospital after being stabbed in Warman, Sask. Friday night. A boy under 18 has been charged in her attempted murder.

Boy charged with attempted murder

A boy has been charged with attempted murder after a 13-year-old girl was stabbed in Warman, Sask. Friday night. 

At about 10 p.m. CST officers were dispatched to the scene, where they found the girl suffering from multiple stab wounds and were able to stabilize her. 

She was rushed to hospital by ambulance. 

"We just heard some noise, late at night some screaming," a next-door-neighbour told CBC News. "We just thought some kids were goofing around in the back. My wife went out to the deck just to look and the young girl was just screaming for help and yelled to her mom that she'd been stabbed."

The neighbour said the girl was just outside her backyard — that's where the girl's mother and great-grandmother went to help her. 

"The incident happened behind the house, it wasn't actually in the house," the neighbour continued. "We just know the girl was there, and obviously somebody else."

The neighbour said the family had recently moved into the area and described them as "nice people." 

Officers searched on the ground using police dogs, and in the air with police aircraft to track the suspect and take him into custody.

Both the suspect and the victim cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. RCMP have  not released the boy's age.

Youths aged 12 and older can be charged with crimes in Canada.