Ghost train of St. Louis

According to the legend of the St. Louis 'Ghost Train', a CNR employee literally lost his head while inspecting the track many decades ago. There have been many reports over the years of lights from a phantom train or lantern along the tracks. Skeptics say it's just marsh gas. (Canada Post)

The legendary 'ghost train' of St. Louis, Sask., is getting its own stamp.

Canada Post announced Friday (the 13th), that the train would be one of five "spooky tales" featured in a new collection of stamps.

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According to legend, one night many decades ago, a CNR train employee was checking the tracks near St. Louis when he was hit by a train and decapitated.

Over the years, there have been numerous sightings of a mysterious light which some claim comes from a phantom train or lantern. Others say they're just lights from the highway or glowing swamp gas.

The other spooky tales being commemorated include the Maritimes’ Northumberland Strait ghost ship, Quebec’s ghost of the Count of Frontenac, Ontario’s Fort George spirits of 1812 and Alberta’s Ghost Bride.