After several weeks of declines, gasoline prices have soared in Regina and Saskatoon.

While the average price of regular gas was 73 cents a litre in Regina yesterday morning, it was a hair under 80 cents on Friday.

Some stations were selling gas in the mid-80s, but there are still bargains to be had, according to the price monitoring website.

Regina Messenger was selling gas for 63.9 last night while Regina Cab price was 65.9.

In Saskatoon, prices have been climbing as well.

The average in that city was 82.2 cents, although there are still a number of stations where one can fill up for between 72 and 75 cents a litre.

The low price was 69.9 cents at Costco, according to

More hikes are likely soon, the website says.

Regina gas station at night

It was quiet at this gas station in Regina as prices jumped to 84.9 cents per litre. (Glenn Reid/CBC)