Saskatchewan gas prices are dropping, and competition may be a factor, the operator of the Gas Buddy website says.

While a month ago, a litre of regular gas averaged 128.1 cents a litre, today it's 119.8 cents a litre.

Jason Toews, a spokesman for Gas Buddy, which monitors gas prices around North America, said the recent opening of a Costco gas bar on the east side of Regina may be be pushing prices down.

A litre of Costco gas was 111.9 in Regina on Thursday and 110.9 in Saskatoon and it appears this is putting pressure on other stations to lower their prices, Toews said.

"They want to establish their presence, gain a customer base, and this is something to get people's attention," he said. "It's great for Regina because it's really encouraging more competition."

Meanwhile, there are other stations in Regina that have even lower prices, he said.

Outside Regina, the lowest prices are found in Lloydminster. There, a litre was 106.9 on Thursday.