Drivers in Saskatchewan are probably wishing they filled up their tanks earlier this week.

Gas prices continue to soar in Saskatchewan.

The majority of gas stations in both Regina and Saskatoon are charging 133.9 cents per litre. 

However, if you live in Regina, it may be worth the extra fuel to shop around. 

According to, the lowest price for gas in Regina is 120.9 cents per litre at Regina Messenger. Several businesses, including Domo, Extra Foods, and Husky, are charging 128.4 cents per litre.

Terry Anderson said he's not surprised by the overnight surge in prices.

Saskatchewan gas prices

Gas prices have climbed to a two-year high this week across the country. (Adrian Cheung/CBC)


"What do you do?" Anderson said. "Make your own gas?"

"You just maybe cut back on something else because you still have to do the road trip."

There are more options for cheap gas in Regina than Saskatoon. The lowest price in Saskatoon is 125.9 cents per litre at both Costco and Firecreek Gas and Grill.

Gas in Prince Albert is currently between 127.8 cents per litre at Esso and 133.9 cents per litre at Shell, Superstore, and Husky.

Gas prices have climbed to a two-year high this week across the country

The national average regular gasoline price was 136.8 cents per litre last week, about 10 cents higher than this time last year, but very near the price of two years ago.