Gas prices hit 129.9 cents a litre in Regina on Wednesday. (Kent Morrison/CBC)

With the Victoria Day weekend almost here, gasoline prices are heading up.

Gas prices in Saskatoon and Regina are now around $1.30 per litre, up around 5 cents from a week ago.

According to, a website that tracks gas prices, prices in the two biggest cities jumped a penny a litre on Wednesday.

Gas Buddy spokesman Jason Toews said this year's jump is likely  connected to oil refinery problems in Alberta.

"There is increased demand for gas during long weekends like this one," he said.

"Typically refineries are producing more gasoline in anticipation. This year they just can't do it. They don't have capacity."

The tight supply is pushing prices up, he said.

Although many people seem to think gasoline prices go up before every May long weekend, historically that's not the case at all, Toews said.

"The numbers just don't prove that, actually, and it seems like more often than not gas prices are actually going down leading up to the Victoria Day long weekend."