People in Regina's Harbour Landing subdivision are being told about a possible plan to move oil through their neighbourhood via pipeline.

Energy company TransCanada says it may want to move crude to eastern Canada after converting one of its natural gas pipelines — one that runs through Harbour Landing.

People in the area received letters from the company earlier this month.

TransCanada spokesman Phillipe Cannon says the conversion can be completed without major digging.

"When it's thoroughly prepared and cleaned and electronic leak detection system is installed, that allows us to monitor our pipeline 24-7 from our Calgary control centre."


A gas pipeline that runs through the Harbour Landing neighbourhood south of Regina's airport could be converted to oil. (CBC)

The company is still choosing a route, which could go as far east as New Brunswick, and hasn't confirmed whether or not it wants to convert the gas pipelines to oil.

However, it would be more cost-effective than building a new one, it says.

Whatever is decided, landowners will be able to go to public meetings before the project proceeds, Cannon said.

Dave Core, who's with the Canadian Association of Energy, Pipeline and Landowners Associations, says both gas and oil pipelines have their own inherent risks.

Natural gas lines can explode, while an oil leak could be an environmental disaster.

Core says homeowners have to be proactive and ask lots of questions.

"You need to address the impacts of this pipeline on property values and you also need to ensure the company has the discipline of insurance," Core said.