Funnel clouds caught on video during Saskatchewan tornado warnings

Environment Canada issued tornado warnings in parts of Saskatchewan after funnel clouds causing devastation were reported, and at least one witness captured a massive funnel cloud in a field north of Outlook.

Outlook, Sask., man films funnel cloud in field as Environment Canada handles tornado sightings

Footage of tornado touching down in Outlook, Sask. 0:58

Several tornadoes were reported throughout the day in central and southern Saskatchewan on Saturday, causing some property damage but no injuries.

Environment Canada issued tornado warnings after funnel clouds causing devastation were reported, and at least one witness captured a massive funnel cloud on video in a field north of Outlook.

Meteorologist Shannon Bestland said Environment Canada received dozens of reports of tornado and funnel cloud sightings all day in central Saskatchewan, with the majority of the reports coming from the Kenaston, Outlook and Regina Beach areas.

The warnings were called off Saturday evening.

"People have been handling it really well," Bestland said.

Adam Kanapik, who has lived in Outlook his entire life, said he had never seen anything like the phenomenon he witnessed in the sky on Saturday, north of the town.

"I was at work, looked over and there was a funnel cloud and it went back up, so I stopped, and in behind another one started, it looked like a big dirt devil, and then it just multiplied and multiplied and then it got quite large," Kanapik said.

Kanapik, who is employed by an irrigation district, was working alone on a canal road about 11 kilometres north of Outlook when what he believed was a tornado hit. He said he was less than one kilometre away when the massive funnel cloud touched down and began ripping through a nearby field.

"[It] went through a farmer's yard, ripped up his shop pretty good and took about six pivots out along the way and a bunch of trees," he explained. "A lot of dust, it went through the guy's yard. Pieces of something flying a long ways in the air along with fireworks out of the power lines."

Kanapik filmed the funnel cloud for about three minutes before it started to come towards him, and he decided to get in his truck and drive away. He said he drove about five kilometres south,at 150 km/h to get away..

"It was kind of sneaking closer to me, so I thought I better get the hell out of dodge," Kanapik said.

Ray Derdall said two buildings on his farm north of Outlook were destroyed. He said the tornado even sucked blankets off the beds and out through the windows of his house.

Bestland said people should keep their distance if they see funnel cloud activity.

"With a tornado, what you run the risk of is being hit by the debris, get low and get to shelter as best as you can," she said.

On Saturday afternoon, Environment Canada said it had not received any reports of significant damage or injuries due to the tornadic activity.

In Manitoba, Environment Canada issued tornado warnings Saturday afternoon, but ended after reported funnel clouds never touched down.

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