A dance for senior citizens, a 27-year long tradition at Balfour Collegiate in Regina, is "guaranteed" to take place again this year after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

'It's a fantastic event which allows our students to connect with the generations.' - Seniors night organizers

Hosted and organized by students at the high school, the annual event gives older Regina residents a night on the town with entertainment and dancing. A lack of funds to cover expenses put the dance in jeopardy of being cancelled.

"It's an event that staff and students look forward to each year," Raeleen Fehr-Rose, who helps co-ordinate the program, told CBC earlier this week.

Fehr-Rose put together a fundraising campaign, online, and it appears to have been successful.

"We're now at 100 per cent of our goal and Balfour's Senior Citizens' Night is guaranteed to happen this year," a post on the fundraising site Indiegogo Saturday said.

According to the site, there were four especially generous donations of $500 each, that contributed to the $2,600 goal.

As of Saturday night, $2,893 had been raised. The site uses the U.S. dollar for donations.

"If you had been thinking of contributing but hadn't yet, please consider still making a donation," the Saturday post added. "All funds over our goal will be put toward next year's (and future years') event."

According to organizers, funding cuts by the school board led to the appeal for donations.

The money goes to provide transportation for seniors as well as a band.

"It is a fantastic event which allows our students to connect with the generations that came before them, give back to the community and provide meaningful entertainment for others," organizers said.