The Saskatchewan government says it does not plan to implement full-day kindergarten programs anytime soon, despite calls from school boards to make it available across the province.

There are currently 17 elementary schools in Saskatoon that offer full-day kindergarten, while there are no full-day programs offered in Regina.

Last month, the Saskatchewan School Board Association passed a resolution calling on the government to provide more funding so that all kindergarten programs across the province could be expanded to full-day programs.

Members of the association argue that exposing children to all-day kindergarten, five days a week, would have a positive impact on their learning.

But a provincial government spokesperson told CBC News on Monday that the costs would be considerable and would require extensive consultations.

No talks are planned for this spring, meaning no changes will happen this coming fall, the spokesperson said.

The association said it will continue to press the government for full-day kindergarten programs across the province.