Morley Watson, the acting chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations says proper procedures were not followed when the chair of the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority, or SIGA, was suspended.

Kirk Goodtrack had been chair of SIGA until the board of that organization, which oversees six Indian-run casinos in the province, suspended Goodtrack.

At the time, the suspension was viewed by former FSIN chief Guy Lonechild as an attempt to thwart Goodtrack's attempts to reduce spending by the SIGA board.

The suspension wound up in court and a judge said the board acted outside its powers in removing Goodtrack.

Watson said Wednesday he wants to see changes to ensure problems like that do not happen again.

"Sometimes, if we haven't maybe followed the rules to a T that has come back to perhaps to bite us," Watson said.

Watson said he wants to see changes that would ensure rules are followed.

"We have to put in place mechanisms where we can't bypass our own legislation," he said. "And if perhaps some leaders have done that, then I think it's up to the organization to safeguard, to ensure that doesn't happen in the future."

Watson suggested the position of clerk, within the FSIN's legislative assembly, be kept at arm's length from the organization's executive members, such as chiefs and vice-chiefs.

"Why do have legislation if we don't follow it to the fullest?" Watson added. "I think we have to be better at that."