A new home has been found for a Prince Albert, Sask., puppy that was abandoned and nearly froze to death last month before being rescued by three hockey players.

According to the Prince Albert Raiders website, the puppy that was saved by Raider players Josh Morrissey, Shane Danyluk and Carson Perreaux on Jan. 17 has been adopted by a family in North Vancouver.

"He flew out this morning ... it's been quite a saga," said club spokesman Evan Poitras.


Raider was suffering from a skin ailment when he arrived at the Prince Albert SPCA but he was nursed back to health. (Prince Albert SPCA. )

The story of the plucky pup, who has been named Raider, made headlines around the world and became a viral sensation on Twitter and Facebook.

On the night he was found, Prince Albert was in the grips of a cold snap and the temperature had dropped below -30 C.

The three Western Hockey League players had been out for a night at the movies when they spotted someone on the street dropping a bundle into the back of someone else's pickup truck.

The boys investigated and found the shivering six-week-old puppy. They took it into a warmed-up vehicle and wrapped it in a sweater until the Prince Albert SPCA arrived to take it to their shelter.

If they hadn't saved the dog then, it likely would have died, officials from the SPCA said.

More than 30 people inquired about adopting the dog. The hockey club also received many letters, phone calls and emails from people across Canada commending Morrissey, Danyluk and Perreaux for their actions, Poitras said.

On Tuesday, the three paid a final visit to Raider, who was in poor health when found but has made a full recovery.

The team says a veterinary company in Ottawa contacted the SPCA and donated all the medicine required to nurse Raider back to full health.