Hope's Home

Hope's Home, a daycare for medically fragile children, says a man in Regina is fraudulently canvassing on its behalf.

Hope's Home, a Regina daycare for medically fragile children, is warning of a scam where a man claiming to represent the group fraudulently solicits donations from the public.  

The daycare said Friday it has received word of the individual canvassing in northwest Regina near Rochdale Blvd. 

He is described as being in his early to mid-30's. He is well-dressed in business attire but does not carry any credentials or material to show he is a representative of Hope's Home. He does not give his name when asked. 

"We're very grateful a concerned citizen has come forward and made us aware of this situation," said Stephanie Kohlruss, Director of Development and Communications for Hope's Home Inc.

"Anyone supporting us and fundraising on our behalf will be able to easily verify their connection to Hope's Home," she added.

The daycare encouraged anyone with questions or details to contact the Regina Police Service.