Queen's Bench Justice Murray Acton found Krishna Vittala guilty of three counts of sexual assault. ((CBC))

A former Saskatoon doctor is facing prison after being found guilty of three counts of sexual assault.

On Thursday, a Saskatoon judge also found Krishna Vittala, 69, not guilty on a fourth sexual assault charge and acquitted him on a charge of watching and "besetting," which is a form of harassment.

A publication ban prevents media outlets from identifying the people who complained about the doctor, who retired from medical practice in 2008. The allegations of groping by three patients and a former co-worker referred to incidents dating back to 2003.

Queen's Bench Justice Murray Acton said his decisions were based on the credibility of each woman who complained about Vittala.

During last month's trial by judge alone, several women testified that Vittala rubbed his groin against them or grabbed their breasts or buttocks. Vittala denied the allegations, saying he was sexually impotent.

Acton found that two of the patients and a woman who worked with Vittala were believable, describing their testimony as "sincere,"  "forthright," and "candid."

The judge acquitted Vittala of sexually assaulting the third patient, saying there was a reasonable doubt in her case that the touching was of a sexual nature.

Acton also acquitted Vittala of "besetting" his co-worker, the allegation that he had tried to coerce her into being his girlfriend. There wasn't enough evidence for a conviction on that charge, he said.

Vittala will be sentenced on June 16.

The Crown is seeking a penitentiary sentence, which would mean a term in prison of two years or more. His defence is seeking a lesser sentence but noted that by law, some time behind bars is mandatory.