Serge LeClerc says he did not use marijuana while serving as an MLA. ((CBC))

Former Saskatoon MLA Serge LeClerc maintains he was the victim of a setup, despite a recent report that found he was involved with illegal drugs while still a legislator.

A report released Tuesday by the province's conflict of interest commissioner found LeClerc engaged in "unethical" and "highly inappropriate" behaviour while he was an MLA.

However, LeClerc maintains he did nothing wrong.

"[I] haven't done cocaine, haven't done marijuana since 1986," he said.

The commissioner asked the RCMP to examine several audio files leaked to the CBC earlier this year in which a voice, alleged to be LeClerc's, talked about using marijuana and being in the presence of cocaine use.

"I mean, the covering letter that was sent with this report to CBC Regina … said, 'We are sending you this to stop an evangelical Christian drug crusader.' Well, that should have told somebody something."

At the time, LeClerc acknowledged the voice sounded like his but argued the tape had been doctored.

However, the RCMP found the tape had not been tampered with or altered in any way.

As a result of the findings, the commissioner concluded LeClerc had breached the code of conduct by using marijuana and being in the presence of cocaine use while in office.

LeClerc, who was elected in 2007 to represent the riding of Saskatoon Northwest, resigned from the Saskatchewan Party caucus in April and as member of the legislative assembly in August.

LeClerc said now he's turning his attention to a fight with cancer. He is in Ontario is preparing to undergo chemotherapy.