Saskatoon fluoridates its water but Regina doesn't. (CBC)

Saskatoon says it will not be adding fluoride to its drinking water for the next few months.

Normally, the city adds the compound to help prevent dental cavities.

However, it says it's doing renovations at the water treatment plant and needs the fluoride equipment to add other "critical chemical feeds" to the water.

There'll be no fluoride added for roughly the next two months. Although the city put out a news release about the change Wednesday, the cutoff actually began early in the month.

Normally, the fluoride content of Saskatoon tap water is 0.7 parts per million. Without the additive, there'll be 0.14 parts per million, which is the natural level in the river water. Once the renovations are finished, the fluoride will be turned back on, the city said.

In Regina, none of the tap water is treated with fluoride.