Provincial officials say the government is considering legislative changes that would allow for qualified pharmacists to administer flu shots at their drug store premises.

The idea of expanding the role of pharmacists beyond dispensing medicine and providing advice has been promoted by various players in the industry.

The concept has found a receptive ear at the Ministry of Health in Regina.

"By having pharmacists and pharmacies available, it just again provides better avenues and more community locations where people could access this type of service," Brad Havervold, from the provincial ministry, told CBC News Thursday.

Some provinces have already adopted some form of pharmacy-delivered shots. In a few provinces a pharmacist can administer a broad range of injections, while in others only a flu shot.

Havervold said Saskatchewan is considering a range of immunization services.

"It could extend beyond vaccines to other types of medications that could safely be provided by pharmacists that may now be administered solely through physician offices or other locations," he said.

He noted the government may introduce legislation in the fall to allow pharmacists to do more.