Five more people are dead after contracting influenza, bringing the total for this flu season to 12, the Saskatchewan Health Ministry says.

However, it's not known how many of those deaths are directly attributable to the flu.

Since the fall, there have been 797 lab-confirmed cases of influenza in Saskatchewan.

There have also been 49 intensive care unit admissions.

Most of the province's cases have been the H1N1 strain of the virus.

Officials also noted that most of the people who died had other health problems. The average age of the people was 60.

The latest news comes as the province struggles through a flu vaccine shortage.

Late last year, the province was encouraging everyone to get their shots. However, unexpected demand depleted supplies and the province cancelled mass immunization clinics.

Currently, only people children under five, pregnant woman and people in other high risk groups can get vaccinated.

The priorities remain in place, although 100,000 doses of nasal mist are in transport from the U.S.

When that shipment arrives, officials will examine the doses to ensure they were not hurt by temperature changes during the trip. If all of it stayed at the correct temperature, the doses will likely be made available more widely.

That information was expected Monday.