Health officials in Saskatchewan are still waiting to hear if their supply of flu vaccine is OK to use in flu clinics. Meanwhile, clinics for flu shots remain on hold.

The issue relates to a move by federal health officials to pull the distribution of vaccines produced by Novartis, over concerns about clumping found in batches used in Europe.

Saskatchewan's supplier of flu vaccine is Novartis.

Dr. Saqib Shahab, the province's Chief Medical Officer, said Tuesday that no clumping was reported in any products used in Saskatchewan.

"All health care providers, before they administer vaccines, they check visibly for signs of clumping," Shahab explained. "If there is clumping, the vaccine is set aside. Again, I want to reinforce that we did not receive a single report of any observed clumping."

Shahab said he is waiting to hear from Health Canada if the vaccines they have may be used or if they'll have to bring in new supplies.

He said he is hoping to learn more before Friday.

"And if for some some reason the hold is extended then we will work towards securing alternate supplies," he said.