According to a poll conducted by a marketing research company in Saskatchewan about 70 per cent of adults in romantic relationships are planning to celebrate Valentine's Day Friday. 

Insightrix Research Inc. said the poll shows that on average people are planning to spend about $80 on the day of love. 

Saskatchewan residents seem to be traditionalists choosing cards, going out for dinner, chocolates and flowers as the most popular way to celebrate.

About 14 per cent are waiting until the last minute to get a gift, while others, 11 per cent, don't buy anything at all. 

While 44.6 per cent of respondents said men are expected to pick up the bill for the night, only 0.5 per cent think women should pay. 

That's perhaps why about 25 per cent of men are more likely to forget Valentine's Day all together. 

The poll also shows that about 32 per cent of residents think they have a pretty good chance of "getting it on" with their partner, while 27 per cent don't want to jump the gun and say "the jury's still out." 

The study was conducted on Feb. 11 and had 803 people responded to the poll questions.