A number of homes in Moose Jaw have been flooded, CBC News is reporting.

CBC News reporter Kent Morrison said low-lying areas of the Wakamow valley were affected.

"I'm looking at a house that sits right on the bank of the river," Morrison said. "The water has risen all the way up to the front steps."

People were in the front yard of the home working with pumping equipment and sandbags.

Morrison said it appeared that about 12 homes were affected.

The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority said ice jams on the Moose Jaw River are causing water to overflow the river's banks.

"It's a river of turns, so what's happening is the ice has been breaking up and now it's jamming up and damming up in the corners," Rod Montgomery, Moose Jaw's deputy fire chief explained Friday.

Some people, such as Rick Klein, elected to ignore a call to leave and stayed to sandbag their homes.

Klein said once he saw the river rising Thursday, he reached about 20 friends to help him out.

 "We kind of won today," he said Friday afternoon. "We had a battle for six to eight hours fighting the ice and the water conditions and we persevered."

But despite keeping the river water away, he still ended up with a flooded basement because the sewer system backed up.

Later in the day, water levels began to recede again after the ice jam began to break up. It left a bizarre scene on Klein's front yard.

"There's these hunks of ice probably 10 to 15 feet wide by two feet high, scattered all over the yard, against walls and trees," he said. "It looks like it got blown up."

In spite of the receding water, an evacuation order was still in effect.

Meanwhile, some huge chunks of ice from the jam slammed into and destroyed the CPR dam and wiped out a bridge at the Deer Ridge golf course.

Other areas in the province seeing rising water were east of Saskatoon, Osler and east of Martensville.

Reeve Mel Henry of the Rural Municipality of Corman Park said there were reports of water rising Langham, where two homes have already been flooded.

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