Flooding is having an impact on the burrowing owl's habitat. ((AP Photo))

Widespread flooding across Saskatchewan is having an impact not only on humans but on protected wildlife, says a university biologist.

University of Regina biology professor Mark Brigham said fish and waterfowl will be thriving with high water across much of the province.

But Brigham said he's concerned about a the survival of an already endangered species.

"The burrowing owl, which actually lives underground most of the time, has its nest underground," said Brigham.

"In most places, that's going to be a very difficult thing to do. The information that I'm aware of suggests that the few animals that are here are abandoning their nests."


Burrowing owls make their nests in the ground and typically inhabit pastureland. ((AP))

Brigham said gophers are doing surprisingly well. Their homes are temporarily flooded but the high water is bringing lots of vegetation for them to eat.