Railway near Fry's east of Redvers

The CP Rail branch line east of Redvers, Sask., has been washed out by flood waters. (Shannon George/Facebook)

A number of Saskatchewan rail lines have been experiencing problems due to the flood.

On Friday, CN Rail was warning about delays due to flooding on its lines.

A number of CN branch lines were washed out in Saskatchewan following torrential rains last weekend.

Routes that remain out of service include sections that pass through Craik, Central Butte, and Yorkton.

CN says it is working to divert traffic to get shipments moving as quickly as possible. 

The flood water is also affecting CP Rail lines. Several sections south east of Saskatoon are down. 

CP spokeswoman Salem Woodrow said the company started preparing for flooding last fall. 

"CP does its best to move the customer traffic on the alternate routes where possible and we have contingency plans in place for detours and reroutes as they're required," she said.

Sask Rail Network (March 2013)