Water is subsiding after torrential rains on the weekend, but the damage done to Saskatchewan infrastructure will be there  for a long time.

As of Wednesday morning, the Highways Ministry said, 20 sections of highway in eastern Saskatchewan had been closed.

Railway near Fry's east of Redvers

It's safe to say there won't be any trains coming through here (east of Redvers) any time soon. (Shannon George/Facebook)

Highway 16, 2 kilometres west of Elfros

Among the sections of highway closed around Saskatchewan is this one on Highway 16, about two kilometres west of Elfros. (Facebook)

Imperial, Sask., flood damage  skpick

Roads and culverts have collapsed in a number of areas in southeast Saskatchewan due to torrential rains on the weekend. This section of Highway 2 is washed out just south of Imperial, Sask. (Courtesy Mike Beckie)

Sask Flood

A damaged section of Highway 13, west of Redvers, Saskatchewan. (Twitter/SE Research Farm)

Road to PCS mine near Rocanville, Sask. skpic

A big chunk of road is missing from the PCS mine site road near Rocanville. (Diane Barre Springer/Facebook)

Map of closed roads in flood zone skpic

The Highways Ministry says sections of more than 20 roads and highways have been shut down due to crumbling pavement. The closed roads are represented by the red circles with white horizontal bars.