Now that a mobile app called Flappy Bird has been pulled from the digital market, it's perhaps making its biggest flap. 

More than 50 million people downloaded the game before its creator plucked it from online stores

Now, there's a growing market for people willing to pay big bucks to get their hands on the game. While it can no longer be bought on the app market, devices that already have it downloaded have come up in price.

$2K for Flappy Bird phone

Alissa Kormish of Meadow Lake, Sask., is looking to cash in on the game's posthumous popularity. Customers are flocking to her classified advertisement, she said.

"Lots of people have asked me about it and stuff," Kormish said. "People that had tried it and didn't download it or deleted it."

Kormish has her phone — pre-equipped with Flappy Bird — for sale, and she's asking $2,000. So far she's been offered $1,000. 

But, people looking for the game may not have to pay anything, according to University of Regina Computer Science professor David Gerhard.

If you think paying to play a once-free game is for the birds, he said getting it for yourself could be as easy as asking anybody that has the game, or at least has a back-up file from before they deleted it.

"So either you have a friend or family member who you can share an account with you [and] can take the file and bring it onto your phone," he explained.