The Yellow Quill First Nation, still coping with the freezing deaths of two toddlers a year ago, is now in the grips of another tragedy involving a child.

RCMP confirmed Wednesday that on Nov. 29 they received a call about a baby who was not breathing. Police said the two-month-old boy could not be revived.

Police are investigating and a coroner is also looking into the case. An autopsy has been ordered.

Meanwhile, a social worker on the reserve has raised concerns about the safety of children in the community.

Margaret Roper told CBC News that the latest death is not being discussed openly.

"This one, I think, was kind of, you know, … swept under the rug," Roper said. "It just seems so weird because, who's here to protect our children?"

The results of the autopsy are expected to be available in February.

The Yellow Quill First Nation is about 270 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon and has an on-reserve population of 900.