A very different version of events is emerging from testimony being heard at the trial of three Saskatoon firefighters accused of assaulting police officers.

On Tuesday, the judge hearing the case, was told the firefighters — who were not on duty at the time — were simply playing around and police officers must have mistaken that for a brawl.

The ensuing mix-up with police led to the assault and resisting arrest charges.

One defence witness, a firefighter who was not charged, said the group of firefighters appeared, to him, to have been blindsided by the police intervention.

That firefighter said he tried to get the police to back off, telling the officers to stop, adding that the group had not done anything to provoke an intervention.

Another firefighter, who was charged — Keith Walliser — told the court that he had about ten drinks in the course of seven hours on the night in question and was "showing off my karate moves."

After the defence witnesses told their version of what happened, the Crown prosecutor on the case also asked if the firefighter heard the police yelling, "Stop. Police".

The witnesses said they heard nothing.

Clifford Hamilton, Jeffrey Tysdal and Keith Walliser are charged with assaulting and obstructing police officers. The charges follow an incident Aug. 12, when police spotted two men having what they said was a fight.

When officers tried to break it up, a third man joined the early morning melee.

With files from CBC's Dan Zakreski