Fire crews in Moose Jaw were working to put out a fire in some hay bales at a feed lot on Friday afternoon.

At one point, thick black smoke was billowing into the air. Austin Davis, a reporter with the Moose Jaw Times-Herald, said strong winds were making the job difficult.

Moose Jaw fire

(Austin Davis/Moose Jaw Times-Herald)

"It was very problematic for fire crews at the beginning," Davis said. "It's less so now that they've cleared out some space. They've got a front end loader now, a man operating a front end loader, who's moving the hay bales so they can move it out and extinguish this fire."

Fire crews appear to have gained the upper hand, but it's expected to take several hours before the fire is completely snuffed.

"It's very smoky," Davis said. "There are less flames than there were when I first was on scene. When I first arrived, they were very concerned about overhead power lines because the hay bales were very close to the power lines."

No one was hurt.