Saskatchewan's expanded photo radar program, launched in December with cameras aimed at various roads, will be fully enforced beginning March 8. Until then, speeding motorists captured by the system will get warning letters.

The grace period was set to expire this month, but SGI said a mix-up — blamed on human error — has led them to delay the enforcement until March to ensure the system works smoothly.

According to SGI, the camera equipment is working well but there was a glitch with one warning letter.

It turned out that a motorist was issued a warning letter by mistake. It was discovered when the motorist followed up. SGI said they have done further investigation and found no other mistakes.

"Before tickets are issued we want to be sure all processes are working smoothly so people aren't receiving tickets in error," Earl Cameron, a vice-president at SGI, said in a statement Thursday.

SGI is the provincial Crown corporation that looks after auto insurance in Saskatchewan and oversees a number of road safety issues.

The use of photo radar is a pilot program that will be evaluated after two years.

Signs have been erected to inform drivers when they are approaching a zone where speed limits are enforced by photo radar.