Vijay Gill and Simon Enoch

Vijay Gill (left) from the Conference Board of Canada and Simon Enoch from the Centre for Policy Alternatives debates the pros and cons of P3s in Regina Tuesday night. (Dean Gutheil/CBC)

On the night before Regina voters head to the polls over whether or not they'll choose to use a P3 to fund a new wastewater treatment plant, speakers on either side of the debate discussed the merits and drawbacks of public-private partnerships at a public forum. 

Simon Enoch from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives spoke up against P3s. 

"A lot of the times what you see is the P3 partner unable to absorb the risk and either renegotiating the contract for better profitable terms, terminating the contract and walking away or declaring bankruptcy outright," he said. 

Vijay Gill, from the Conference Board of Canada, also spoke at the forum defending P3s. He contends they bring reliable and cost-saving benefits to taxpayers.

"Most of the projects if you look at the last few years have been on time and on budget and in cases where projects have not been on time, for the most part, the private sector partners have absorbed the penalties," he said. 

Whichever way you stand, you can voice your opinion at the ballot box in Regina throughout the day Wednesday. Initial numbers will start rolling in at 8 p.m. CST. City officials say the official tally will be made public on Friday, Sept. 27. 

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