Final part of Station 20 West in Saskatoon opens

A community enterprise centre, part of Station 20 West, has opened in Saskatoon.
Supporter of Station 20 West packed a hall for grand opening ceremonies. (Jennifer Quesnel/CBC)

A community enterprise centre, the final part of Station 20 West, has opened in Saskatoon.

Hundreds of supporters of the project packed a hall Wednesday for an official program.

Station 20 West is a project aimed at meeting multiple needs of a neighbourhood.

The entire project, some ten years in development, cost about $20 million and combines affordable housing, a library, health offices, and a grocery store.

The community enterprise centre, which cost about $8 million of the $20 million, provides such things as fresh groceries for customers.

Most of the funds for the centre were raised through non-government donations.

The founders of Station 20 West say the project is designed to combat some of the health and social problems faced by inner-city residents.