YouTube videos of fights in Saskatoon are drawing mixed reactions from teens.

The brawling, often in open spaces such as parks or school yards, appears genuine and the participants seem to have agreed to the spectacle.

However, the distinction between a consensual fight and an assault can be difficult to determine.

Either way, some teenagers in Saskatoon said they found the violent displays meaningless.

"I just think it's pointless for them to just fight it out [and] walk home with a broken nose or something," Kevin Puhl told CBC News. "How are you going to explain it to your mom?"

While the location for one video was familiar, near Saskatoon's Mount Royal Collegiate, many teens said they did not recognize anyone involved in the fighting.

"[Just] a couple of idiots duking it out," Brandon Johnson observed.

Still, some youngsters were drawn to the videos.

"I like watching them," Kyle Wagner admitted. "My friends watch them and my friends posted them, so obviously they're around the city and so they're fun to watch."

While it is possible to fight and stay within the law, the situation could change and become a case of assault if things get out of hand.

School administrators in Saskatoon told CBC News they are checking out the videos and will follow up if they are able to identify any students.

With files from CBC's Steve Pasqualotto