Mayoral candidate Michael Fougere says Pat Fiacco has been a great mayor for the city of Regina and — if elected mayor — he will continue many of the initiatives currently underway in the city.

"I'm very pleased with Pat's role as mayor. He's been a great mayor," Fougere said Thursday during a media event for his campaign. "I will continue many of the initiatives in the sense of preparing us for growth into the future."

Fougere also outlined four areas he hopes to focus on, if elected:

  1. Managing sustainable growth for the city.
  2. Providing value for tax dollars.
  3. Strong leadership and credibility.
  4. Nurturing a vibrant and safe community.

The candidate also said he would organize a summit on housing.

"With the lowest vacancy rate in Canada, our community must work together to find solutions," Fougere said, describing the lack of housing options for many as a crisis.

Fougere, however, repeated his view that municipalities do not have the resources to spend a lot of money on housing and that other levels of government need to be more involved in finding solutions.

"The province has a program. The federal government is speaking to the issue," he said. "I think we need to coordinate those efforts to be much more coordinated and targeted to answer the problem."

Fougere said he also believes the private sector plays a key role in housing.

"My view is that we need to have a greater supply of market housing," Fougere said.

"I don't have all the answers," he added, but noted he knows people with good ideas on housing.

Fougere also answered media questions about how he differs from Pat Fiacco, who is not running for re-election and has said he supports Fougere's bid for mayor.

"I'm pleased with the endorsement. It's good," he said.

"I worked with Pat for a long time," Fougere added. "We don't agree on everything."

"This campaign is not about me trying to differentiate myself from Pat Fiacco," he added."This is about what Michael Fougere would do as mayor."

Fougere said he stands behind his record on city council and said he believes the current council members have acted as a team and worked well together.