A Saskatchewan man accused of causing the freezing deaths of his two young daughters will be going directly to trial.

On Wednesday, Christopher Pauchay waived his right to a preliminary hearing on a charge of criminal negligence causing death. He pleaded not guilty and opted to be tried by a judge without a jury.

He didn't speak to reporters after he left the courtroom, but his lawyer did.

"I see it as a very tragic accident," Ron Piche said. "And not all accidents result in criminal convictions. That's a different breed altogether."

In January, Pauchay's daughters Kaydance, 3, and Santana, 16 months, froze to death in a field on the Yellow Quill First Nation. Pauchay is accused of losing them during a snowstorm.

RCMP said at the time it was believed alcohol was a factor.

Pauchay appeared in court in Rose Valley, which is close to the reserve.

The girls' deaths made headlines across the country and cast a spotlight on the reserve's ongoing problems with alcohol.

The trial is scheduled to run Nov. 3-7.

Yellow Quill First Nation is about 260 kilometres east of Saskatoon.