Saskatchewan Government Insurance is reviewing who should qualify for a farm-class licence plate.

Tim McMillan, the minister responsible for SGI, says it's been decades since the policy has been reviewed.

Right now, farm plates are less expensive than other licence plates. People with a farm plate also qualify for the province's fuel tax rebate.

Some customers want to expand the category to include retired farmers and children of farmers, a change that could affect insurance rates.

"If we do broaden it and we start bringing in groups that may have higher risks, it will drive up the rate of farm plates," McMillan said. "If it is broadened to higher risk individuals, it lowers the benefit for everyone."

Public meetings will be held in six communities around the province: Canora, Davidson, Maidstone, Melfort, Milestone and Swift Current.

If customers like the way things are now, the program does not have to change, McMillan said.