A farm accident south of Rosetown Wednesday has claimed the life of a 15-year-old boy. ((CBC))

A popular 15-year-old boy died in a farm accident Wednesday afternoon near the community of Rosetown, RCMP say.

Police say the youth, whose name was not released, was feeding cattle with his father when he slipped and fell underneath a moving tractor.  

The accident took place on a farm about 2.5 kilometres south of Rosetown.

"We received a call [at] approximately 3:30 yesterday," RCMP Const. Tony Curti, told CBC News in an interview Thursday. "A boy ... fell underneath a tractor and then was driven over and was no longer living.

"We arrived on the scene and found just that."

Curti said the death hit everyone in the community, including police, very hard.

"It was a local boy that we all knew quite well," Curti said. "He was a decent boy. Sports-minded, athletic. He was always ... at the rink skating. He was on the hockey team too. He was one of those good kids."

Heavy rain earlier in the week may have contributed to slick conditions on the farm.

RCMP said the death was an accident.

"We're not investigating it any further," Curti said. "Wrong place, wrong time. Bad timing, slippery conditions."

Precise arrangements were not known, but it was expected a funeral would take place on Saturday.

"Just a tragic loss," Curti added. "It's just really hard because it's ... someone you know and someone well-known and well-liked in the community."