A number of football fans in Saskatchewan are hoping former player Weston Dressler will return to the Roughriders.

Dressler suited up for the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL, but was recently cut from that team. As a free agent, Dressler may join another NFL team or any club in the CFL.

People who remember Dressler's days as a star in the Roughrider line-up say he would be welcomed back with open arms.

"There's gotta be some intangible benefits here for you," Gary Shenner, from Regina, told CBC News Monday. "So come back. We need you baby!"

Another fan, also from Regina, said it was disappointing Dressler was cut from the Chiefs, but that could be good for Saskatchewan.

"I thought he deserved a shot in the NFL and, you know, we wished him well when he left," Lora Morrison said. "But we're sure happy to have him back if he so desires to come back to us. We'd be happy to have him."

Dressler's popularity was evident as many fans are heavily invested in him.

"Please come back," Stacey Graham implored. "I want him to come back. I want my jerseys to still be good. I have two Weston Dressler jerseys. One signed. And he's my favourite player."

While Dressler may have some options, fans are only interested in one

"We need him," Mike Edel said. "He was our biggest go-to guy all of last season. And he's well-missed this year."

The Roughriders have said that should Dressler become available, they have plans that could lead to his return.

With files from CBC's Jordan Jackle