It's been two years and a Saskatchewan family is still waiting to take a drive in their customized, extra-long vehicle from the United States.

The half-pickup, half-SUV built for the Morris family continues to languish in a parking lot at the North Portal border crossing.

Alison and Edwin Morris, who farm in the Lampman, Sask., area, had it built in the U.S. for their family of eight children after deciding 15-passenger vans didn't seem like a safe option.

"We looked at what we could do with our own vehicle to make it as safe as possible for our family," Alison said.

But when the family went to bring it home to Saskatchewan, they were stopped just north of the border with North Dakota.

Officials told the Morrises that according to Transport Canada rules, vehicles modified outside the country must be recertified, and unfortunately, it's not a simple procedure.

They had to leave the $90,000 vehicle in the parking lot.

Morris says she wants the four-wheel drive for rural roads and will continue trying to bring the vehicle over the border.

The couple says they continue to make contact with Transport Canada and hope the government can be convinced to allow the big vehicle in.