A Regina family is trying to get more young people to play chess in Saskatchewan.

Lauri Lintott and her son Zachary are hosting monthly tournaments at the University of Regina, open to anyone from kindergarten to Grade 12.

"Tournaments seem to be the one thing that get kids interested," said Lauri.  "So I just decided this year I would learn how to run a tournament and we would run more tournaments," she said. 

Zachary, 17, finished fifth in the chess nationals last year, but only had to beat two players in the province to get there.

"I get to help all the young players get better," he said about holding the chess tournaments.

"That's the best part because they need to play someone who is better than them, so it is nice that they get to play me sometimes," he said.

All tournaments are run by volunteers and organized over Facebook and on their website Sask Chess.

Lauri is hoping to get get money from the government to run the events, but said the group needs 100 more members to qualify for funding.

Saskatchewan is the only province in Canada to have never hosted the national chess tournament.