Dylan Koshman, 21, disappeared from his home in Edmonton on Oct. 11. ((Edmonton Police Service))

The family of a man from Moose Jaw, Sask., who went missing in Edmonton more than a week ago says it won't give up its search for him.

Dylan Koshman, 21, disappeared from his home on the south side of the city on Oct. 11. He had been in Edmonton for about six months and had been working for an oil-and-gas contracting company.

Koshman had been drinking, had an argument with a roommate, left the house early in the morning and didn't return, police said. His wallet was found hours later in a neighbour's yard.

Police did a house-to-house search in the area around 104th Street and 33rd Avenue. They also brought in a helicopter, but were not able to find Koshman.

It's a parent's worst nightmare, his mother Melanie Alix said. She, other family members and friends have travelled to Edmonton to put up posters and knock on doors.

"He would have phoned somebody. This is why I'm concerned something happened to him," Alix said. "I'm so scared. I have nightmares every night."

Koshman's cell phone is off, and there has been no activity on his bank account since he was last seen.

According to an aunt, Penny Cumming, the family is holding out the hope he's OK.

"He was happy the last time he talked to his mother, and he just said he didn't like Edmonton, it was too big and he was thinking of coming home sometime," Cumming said. "So if he's slightly confused he could be hitchhiking. He could be anywhere between [Edmonton and] home."

Edmonton police are asking people with information to give them a call. Alix is hoping people will help with the search and provide other support.

"We need prayers," she said. "We need people to pray."