The Taman Family

Don, Pat and Barry Taman attending Rider training camp in Saskatoon (Eric Anderson/CBC)

It's easy to cheer for your son when he's the star quarterback or receiver of the football team.  But how do you cheer for a son who is a CFL General Manager?

That's the fun challenge Don and Pat Taman face during football season. They are in the stands this week in Saskatoon for training camp supporting their son, Brendan, who is the GM for the Roughriders.

"We just have every confidence that whatever he decides is for the best. And so far he's never disappointed us with any of his decisions," Pat Taman says proudly as she watched practice decked head to toe in Rider gear.

"Is he going to come home and start using the fridge?" - Don Taman, father of Rider General Manger Brendan Taman

The life of a CFL General Manager can be uncertain. Job security depends on how well your team performs; a fact Brendan Taman knows well. He was once the GM of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers before joining the Riders.

"You're always wondering, 'Is he going to hang onto that job? How long is going to hang onto that job?'" says Don Taman. 

"Is he going to come home and start using the fridge?" Don said with a laugh.

Dream Season

It was quite the season for the Tamans in 2013. The team that Brendan assembled came together to win the franchise's fourth Grey Cup. The shine of that championship has not worn off yet for the family.

"Every time we think we're over it, we're not over it. Something comes along," says Pat Taman.

"And we just got the DVD that just came out about the Grey Cup win," Don noted, "so it all came back to us again."

Brendan's brother Barry drove up from Regina to take in training camp. He was impressed with his brother's new Grey Cup ring.

2013 Grey Cup Ring

Brendan Taman's 2013 Grey Cup ring (Eric Anderson)

"It's the nicest championship ring I've ever seen. You can take the NHL and the NFL. This one matches up. It's absolutely beautiful."

The Tamans know Brendan will be busy throughout training camp managing all the new players and coaches. But they are hoping he can sneak away for a coffee and a quick visit at some point.