The family of Kim Cruickshank continues to search for the 27 year old woman who has been missing for a month.

"We want her to keep holding on," her sister Kristen Cruickshank, told CBC News. "We're not going to give up."

Kristen said the family is hoping to find Cruickshank and have her join them in Ontario.

"We just believe the best thing for her is to come back to Ontario with us," she said.

Kristen says her sister is a happy-go-lucky woman, who enjoys crafts and is shy.

Lately, however, she had been hanging out with people described as unsavoury.

There was also concern about drug use.

Cruickshank's neighbour, Kelsee Delorme, recalls the last time she had seen Kim.

She was wearing jeans and a sweater and took her dogs for a walk. Later, Delorme noticed her neighbour's lights were off.

"Which is really not like her," Delorme said. "Her lights were always on. And her dogs were just going crazy inside."

Police are actively looking for Cruickshank, in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Her family is concerned because Cruickshank normally keeps in touch and has not been heard from.

"We know she's not on a trip or anything like that," Kristen said. "She's always in contact with her family, so that just leads us to believe she's just not in a good place right now."

With files from CBC's Dani Mario