There were some tense moments in Regina Beach Wednesday afternoon when a resident thought she saw a vehicle fall through the ice. It turns out it was likely just fishing gear being taken down, RCMP say.

According to the RCMP, an emergency call was made around 4 p.m. CST.

The caller was observing the goings-on on Last Mountain Lake from her home on the north shore at Saskatchewan Beach.


'No one really went down.' —Mathew Gelowitz, ice fisherman

"She reported to RCMP that she saw a truck go through the ice across the lake in the Regina Beach area," RCMP said in a release.


Mathew Gelowitz figures his portable ice-fishing shack was likely mistaken for a truck on the ice. (Dean Gutheil/CBC)

Emergency crews, including a STARS air ambulance helicopter, were dispatched.

Regina Beach, SK

Officers from the Lumsden detachment of the RCMP arrived and talked to a pair of fishermen who were on the lake. 

"The fishermen reported that they were the only ones out on the lake in that area," RCMP said. "When they finished fishing this afternoon, they packaged up their collapsible ice fishing shack and returned to shore by foot."

RCMP said it is likely the portable shack was mistaken for a vehicle.

CBC News spoke to one of the fishermen, Mathew Gelowitz, who explained that his portable shack is very large and could easily be mistaken for truck.

"It's quite big," Gelowitz, 16, said. "So we were out there and we thought someone at Regina Beach here was looking at the lake and thought our black tent was a truck."

He said that, once he and his friend left, the observer may have come to a hasty conclusion.

"They may have assumed that the truck went down," he said. "But no one really went down."

Gelowitz said he learned of his role in the excitement when some friends called him asking him if he was OK.

"I'm safe and sound," Gelowitz said with a grin. "My friend's safe. Yes."


With files from CBC's Dean Gutheil