Police say a $12.99 Cybergun Colt, like this one, is connected to a gun scare.

Police in Saskatoon are reminding people that any weapon — real or fake — will be taken very seriously.

It follows a gun scare Wednesday at a local school, where staff detained two teens who allegedly fired a BB gun at students in a classroom.

No one was hurt, but the school day was disrupted as the building was locked-down for about an hour.

Police arrested two 13-year-olds, a boy and a girl.

They appeared in court Thursday facing a number of weapons charges and several counts of assault with a weapon. The girl was released and the boy was ordered to remain in custody until his next court date, set for Friday.

According to police, the youths were carrying a gun called a Cybergun Colt, which is available for $12.99.

Police said even a toy may be considered a weapon.

Wednesday's incident in Saskatoon follows another episode, in Rosthern, where police say a 16-year-old is facing charges for aiming an imitation pistol at his classmates.

School officials in Saskatoon told CBC News Thursday they are working on providing parents with more information on what happened.

There was no immediate decision on whether the accused teens would be allowed back to Mayfair Community School.


With files from CBC's Dan Kerslake